How Long Does it Take to Plan a Wedding?

Unless you are planning to elope (and even that kind of wedding can take a bit of planning!), the amount of time it takes to plan a wedding can vary depending on a number of factors. Couples can be engaged for six months or up to a year, and even longer, either by choice, or because they are waiting for dates for a wedding venue or availability of family members and other factors.

Once you have an idea of the kind of wedding you want and how much you need to do to prepare, then you can start to focus in on the actual time it will take to plan the wedding and book everything.  When you are looking at dates for your wedding you might want to consider one or two of these factors before finalising:

The Wedding Venue

Depending on how popular your chosen wedding venue is you may need to book very far in advance. Call up a few of the venues you have in mind and remember that summer weddings usually get booked up more quickly than others. Always have a backup wedding venue in case your first chosen venue isn’t available.

Plan a Wedding in Season

plan a wedding

White Faux Fur Stole for a Winter Weddingplan a wedding

Although in the UK there is really no planning for the British weather, you will probably have an idea of what kind of wedding you want, whether you are looking for a winter wedding or a summer wedding or perhaps even a spring evening wedding. So take this into account when you are fixing dates.

Family Members, Friends and Wedding Party

Do you have family members or friends living abroad that you will have to plan for? Will they be able to get flights or will they be looking at flying at peak times of the year making it very costly for them. If you are planning a winter wedding are there potentially delays on flights or other travel methods due to adverse weather conditions? These are all considerations for when you plan a wedding and you want the important people in your life to be there.

Busy Wedding Times

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Although most people tend to get married in the summer – the possibility of clashing with a friend’s wedding is a year round problem, particularly if you have a group of friends all around the same age, planning to get married around the same time. Out of courtesy it is always a good idea to plan your wedding with a gap of one or two months in between yours and another friend’s wedding, particularly if you will be having a similar guest list.

Wedding Vendor Availability

If you have specific vendors in mind that you would like to use for the wedding day, then check availability with them first to ensure you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you have backup vendors in case the ones you want to use are already booked up.

Your Own Schedule

Last but by no means least is that you need to take into account your own schedule. Do either you or your fiance have work commitments or other family commitments that will prevent you from planning the wedding of your dreams at the moment? Often people don’t realise the amount involved in planning a wedding and poor timing can lead to house moves, or job changes clashing with wedding planning. This situation certainly isn’t impossible, it just may take a little extra time to plan for around these factors.