Choosing Flowers For Your Wedding

Choosing flowers for your wedding can be a stressful part of the planning process – but it doesn’t have to be. Remember, there are no right or wrong choices when it comes to flowers – just decide on what you like and what you want and don’t forget the wedding bouquet! For mroe tips on choosing flower arrangements or even if you want to take on the task of arranging your own flowers for the wedding, take a look here.

Things to Consider When Choosing Flowers For Your Wedding

A couple of things will help you in planning your flowers for the big day, taking away most of the stress and helping you to organised well in advance.

Allocate Budget

Allocate a budget for the flowers – include any costs for arrangements and don’t forget to include buttonholes, bride’s bouquet and any table settings and pieces for around the venue.

Plan in Accordance With Your Theme

As soon as you know the theme of your wedding day start planning the style of the bouquets. If you know what colours the bridesmaid and the groom will be wearing then this is the perfect time to start picking out colour themes for the venue and with that the colours of the flowers you will be going for.

Pick In-Season Flowers

As soon as you know the rough date for the wedding take a look at the flowers that are in season and that are going to be easy to get hold of. If you have a wedding planner, then this is something that they will know about.